Exclusive: Omtex Sports loves to work with associate countries where we get to see their hunger to grow – Kunal Patel, Director at Omtex Sports

In this distinguished interview, Mr Patel shed some light on the partnership's objective and Omtex's future with other associate cricketing nations.

One of the top-most Indian sportswear companies, Omtex Sports has partnered with the governing body for cricket in Oman, Oman Cricket. With this agreement, the Indian sports apparel organisation will serve as Oman Cricket’s official gear partner for the 2023-24 season.

Omtex Sports, a Maharashtra-based sportswear manufacturer, emphasises providing high-quality clothes and recreational goods. Omtex Sports has been a leader in the sector since its inception in 1969. The company produces high-quality sportswear and fitness apparel, as well as modern cricket training gear.

SportsMint Media got a very special opportunity of interacting with Mr Kunal Patel, Director at Omtex Sports. In this distinguished interview, Mr Patel shed some light on the partnership’s objective and the brand’s future with other associate cricketing nations.

1. What inspired Omtex Sports to collaborate with Oman Cricket?

Oman is an emerging country in this sport and it’s on its way to venture into the ICC events, we always love to work with associate countries where we get to see the hunger to grow.

2. Could you please shed some light on the formalities followed by Omtex Sports to sign this association?

We have some years of contract with Oman Cricket and their grassroots cricket. Surely it will be continued for many years ahead.

3. What are Omtex Sports’ expectations from the partnership?

In this esteemed partnership, we expect to witness growth in Oman Cricket‘s grassroots setup and play the game of cricket and be part of them in their sporting journey.

4. Will Omtex Sports collaborate with another Affiliate Member of the lCC after Oman Cricket?

Yes, Omtex is open to working with all sports teams from the grassroots level to the highest achieved level.

5. How has Omtex Sports’ journey been from partnering with PKL teams to now teaming with Oman Cricket?

The history of Omtex is just wonderful, I am the third generation from my family who is taking this forward for many more years with my younger brother. The journey of Omtex started way before PKL and it is going stronger.

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