Exclusive: Mumbai Indians was our natural choice – Ankit Shah, Strata

In an interaction with SportsMint Media, Strata's Head of Marketing made some insightful revelations about the company's partnership with MI.

The tech-enabled, fractional investment platform for Commercial Real Estate, Strata announced an association with the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Mumbai Indians (MI) as official partners just ahead of the commencement of the ongoing season.

In a brief interaction with SportsMint Media, the Head of Marketing at Strata, Ankit Shah, who has a rich and diverse cross-industry experience of 16+ years across several sectors had unveiled that partnering with MI was the natural choice as the team is a true example of continuous and exemplary performance, which is also what Strata aims to deliver. 

The team’s quest for consistent excellence resonates with the consistent returns the investors enjoy at Strata. Ankit Shah went on to make some insightful revelations about Strata’s association with the five-time IPL winners. 

  • How difficult was the entire process of landing a sponsorship deal with Mumbai Indians?

Mumbai Indians brand team has been very welcoming and supportive so the entire on-boarding process was a very smooth journey for us. Strata being the only real estate player amongst their brand partners they were also equally excited to bring us aboard. Hailing from a marketing background and having worked with brands like Ola who in past have partnered with IPL we had the networks which helped us crack this deal.

  • Did you face any competition from other brands while finalising the deal as MI is one of the popular teams of IPL?

As you know, Strata does not have a logo partnership with Mumbai Indians, so there wasn’t any competition or limitation as such. We have partnered with Mumbai Indians specially to drive personal engagement with our investors. This partnership had helped us showcase credibility and offer our investors an experience beyond the usual business transactions. 

  • There have been two contests so far on the social media handles, how many more are going to be there? Could you please elaborate on it?

Social media as a platform has always proven to be a very successful medium to promote the brands and we have been no exception to that. We would want to continuously leverage this humongous medium to keep growing engagement with our users as well as drive more and more awareness about this highly rewarding asset class. We have not capped any number for our campaigns and contests and would continue bringing them in regularly.

  • Why did you specifically choose MI? And why not any other team?

Championing five IPL titles so far, they have undoubtedly been the most consistent and resilient team. Their pursuit for consistent excellence bears a significant resemblance with the kind of consistent returns our investors enjoy on Strata’s platform. With Strata envisioning creating a consistent, rewarding and safe asset class amid a volatile market, Mumbai Indians was our natural choice. The team is true example of continuous and exemplary performance, which is what we aim to deliver at Strata.

  • Will there be any TVC or will you go ahead with the campaigns and contests on your social media platforms?

While it is a very proud and enticing moment for any marketer to have a TVC and take their brand to the next level. However considering Strata as a brand caters to a niche target audience, a mass outreach through a TVC may not be a strategic move and also may not necessarily aid in tapping into our core target audience. We will therefore aim to continue using our current marketing channels while also exploring newer and innovative brand partnerships that can help us connect with our core TG effectively.

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