Exclusive: It’s great to have the Indian exposure, and we hope it may create new partnerships – Co-owner, Fain Sports Apparel, Shadley Ajam

From associating with the best teams in South Africa to the three-decade-old experience, Mr Shadley Ajam went on to elaborate on multiple topics.

Fain Sports Apparel, the sports apparel brand, had struck an association with the inaugural SA20 champions, Sunrisers Eastern Cape. In this arrangement, Fain Sports Apparel became one of the team’s sponsors with its branding featured on the trouser of the team’s playing outfit. Fain Sports Apparel is based in Port Elizabeth and consists of a production team of almost 100 skilled people, who handle various processes of production from planning, cutting, design, sewing and packing.

Shadley Ajam posing with former cricketer Brian Lara

SportsMint Media reached out to the Co-owner of Fain Sports Apparel, Mr Shadley Ajam, who opened up about various different topics from associating with the best teams in South Africa to the Indian exposure to the three-decade-old experience. Moving further, Mr Shadley also went on to elaborate on a few more topics.

1. Sunrisers Eastern Cape are based in Gqeberha, was that a major reason behind partnering up with the SA20 team?
We had no knowledge of the Sunrisers Eastern Cape being based at St George’s Park Stadium in Gqeberha and were (pleasantly surprised when we were) approached by their management to be a co-sponsor and provide a complete apparel solution with design, manufacturing and delivery for the team. The association has worked out well and we express our appreciation to Sunrisers EC, Ms Kaviya and Siva and the team for the opportunity to be associated with one of the best in India and for their professionalism and cordiality.

2. What are Fain Sports Apparel’s expectations from this association?
Fain wants to be associated with the best teams in South Africa and it also gives us an opportunity for possible growth within the SA market and India.

3. Does Fain Sports Apparel have plans to team up with Cricket South Africa and Sunrisers Hyderabad with the IPL approaching?
We are always on the lookout for possible opportunities that would benefit all parties.

4. Fain Sports Apparel has rich experience in sports sponsorship, how well is it helping this association?
Fortunately, we have gained major experience over the past 30 years and partnering with the best cricket teams in South Africa has helped tremendously. Fain owns a manufacturing plant which in turn creates flexibility with lead times. All these factors have made us one of the best in South Africa.

5. Does a new team with popular players appeal to a brand to sign with it?
It most definitely does appeal to us, but as I said we look at various opportunities to expose Fain and felt that being a partner to Sunrisers fitted well for our brand.

6. SA20 is amassing a massive audience from India, is that relevant exposure for Fain Sports Apparel?
Yes, it’s great to have such exposure and we hope that it may create additional business or partnerships in the near future.

7. Does Fain Sports Apparel have any plans of renewing this deal for yet another season?
We have agreed to a three-year deal with Sunrisers Eastern Cape. Fortunately, we have had really good responses from the players, management and the owner.

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