Exclusive: It is our first entry into sports sponsorship, so we are learning daily from it – Gian Visser, Afrihost

Visser went on to reveal some interesting insights from this partnership.

Afrihost, the widely-known South African internet service provider, had forged a connection with the SA20 team, Paarl Royals. In this development, Afrihost was named the team’s official principal sponsor for the inaugural edition of the competition. The branding of the esteemed company has been visible on the right upper chest of Paarl Royals’ jersey, as per the association. Services like fixed wireless, fibre, ADSL broadband, mobile services and web hosting are provided by Afrihost.

SportsMint Media also connected with the CEO of Afrihost, Mr. Gian Visser, who unveiled that it’s early to fully determine what Arihost expects from this collaboration. Progressing further, Visser also revealed a few more interesting insights from this partnership.

1. Afrihost is headquartered in Johannesburg, what was the reason behind partnering with a Paarl-based cricket team?

Afrihost has clients across the whole of South Africa and cricket is played throughout the country, so location isn’t important. 

2. Does a new team consisting of popular players appeal to a brand to sign with it?

The SA20 tournament is a new innovative concept, which matches many of the Afrihost principles.

3. What are Afrihost’s expectations from this partnership?

It’s still early to fully determine what Afrihost ultimately wants from this partnership. It is our first entry into sports sponsorship, so we are learning daily from it. We are excited to be partnering with a global brand in Rajasthan Royals, and we will both assess the partnership at the end of this inaugural competition.

4. Does Afrihost have plans of associating with the South African national cricket team?

Again, it’s our first foray into sports sponsorship, let alone cricket, so we will assess our future in sports sponsorships over the next 6 months.

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