European League of Football signs broadcasting agreements with Network4

The European League of Football, therefore, joins Network4's existing lineup of various sports tournaments.

The European League of Football has announced that ARENA4+, a Hungarian sports streaming platform owned by Network4, would broadcast all 75 of the league’s fixtures in English in the upcoming season. Two of the top games will be televised weekly on ARENA4’s cable sports channel with Hungarian commentary.

The European League of Football, therefore, joins Network4’s existing National Football League (NFL), United States Football League (USFL), National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), and Bundesliga lineup. ARENA4 and ARENA4+, as one of Hungary’s main sports broadcasters, have a sizable viewership which already appreciates previous football coverage.

Managing Director Zeljko Karajica, said, “Network4 is the home of American football in Hungary and therefore the perfect partner for a successful future of our league and our 2023 franchise Hungarian Enthroners. We are thus placing broadcasting on broader shoulders.

“We at Network4 are extremely proud to have added another prestigious sporting league to our existing American football offering of NFL, NCAA Football, HFL and USFL. American football in Europe has been on a developmental trajectory for years, with the continent’s best clubs playing spectacular games attracting large number of spectators week in and week out. It is a great pleasure for us to join the European League of Football broadcasters’ family to ensure that our viewers will not miss out on quality American football in the summer, and in a year’s time they will be able to cheer on a Hungarian team, too.”

Network4 will cover new teams such as the Rhein Fire from Germany, the Vienna Vikings and Raiders Tirol from Austria, and the Istanbul Rams from Turkey as the tournament approaches its second season.

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