EuroLeague, MindFly join hands for an innovative tomorrow

Fans will be able to see, listen to, and feel everything their favourite player does on the court for the first time.

The EuroLeague, Europe’s prominent professional basketball league, and Israeli firm MindFly have announced a partnership to enhance sports broadcasting. Every player in the upcoming season will be wearing a MindFly AI-powered body camera throughout matches.

Fans will be able to see, listen to, and feel everything their favourite player does on the court for the first time.

Two to three players would be sporting bodycams for the first few games of the season. MindFly’s cloud-based deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) system will generate first-person point of view (FPV) clips for Euroleague social media platforms using the footage. This material will be converted into non-fungible tokens (NFT) and sold to Euroleague fans so they can cherish those moments forever and get to know how the player feels in those crucial game-changing moments as well.

Alex Ferrer, Euroleague’s Senior Director, Marketing and Communication said, “MindFly’s FPV solution will transport fans right into the court during matches and training sessions and deepen the relationships between fans, players, clubs and leagues.

“We’re proud to to offer such a stupendous innovation to our fans”

“Finally, we’ve found an AI First Person Point of View solution that’s 100% safe, 100% wearable and 100% invisible,” said, Marc Bertomeu, EuroLeague Innovation Manager.

Eran Tal, MindFly Co-founder and CEO commented, “Our message to the clubs and players is ‘you wear the vest, we do the rest’, and today MindFly creates new and exciting content for all sports fans, which did not previously exist.

“We are currently in advanced negotiations to sign agreements with several clubs and top football leagues in Europe and with several major broadcasters. We will extend our partnerships globally in the coming year, focusing on clubs, leagues, and top broadcasters in Europe and the US.”

Lior Elkan, Managing Partner of M-Fund Club, said, “Led by Eran and Yehuda, two experienced entrepreneurs who exude passion and creativity, MindFly doesn’t only set itself apart through innovation, but also through the incredible market potential its groundbreaking ideas offer.

“Both Eran and Yehuda previously founded successful companies, and both have the prerequisite technology and business experience for MindFly. These facts are setting MindFly on a path to success. Their ability to quickly move a complex idea into development and adapt the product to a target market is phenomenal.”

MindFly is an end-to-end computerized solution for major league sports that allows viewers to enjoy every match from the perspective of a player (FPV). The player uses the ultra-light, unobtrusive MindFly AI BodyCam to capture the experience. The video is stabilized, analyzed, and auto-directed using the MindFly AI technology platform (emulating a human director and camera person). It then creates and produces pro-quality (4K, HD) highlight snippets that are ready to publish across all platforms, such as social networking sites, NFT frameworks, OTT platforms, online sites, D2C applications, and television broadcast platforms on all media (TV, mobile and laptops).

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