ESL Gaming announces partnership with Gravity Media

Gravity Media has been named ESL Gaming's exclusive service provider for esports tournaments.

An esports tournament event planner, ESL Gaming has launched a new three-year association with Gravity Media.

Following this deal, Gravity Media has been named ESL Gaming’s exclusive service provider for esports tournaments. Tournaments such as IEM Cologne, ESL One Malaysia, IEM Rio CS:GO Major, and others will be some of the events that will be under the effect of the partnership. ESL will also use Gravity Media’s tools and expertise to enhance broadcast efficiency.

Gravity Media is a global production and live broadcast corporation that encompasses a broad range of elevated sports and music events. Gravity Media has previously worked on Roland Garros, the World Chase Tag Championship, Goodwoof, and the Europa League Final. Moreover, the firm intends to produce a portion of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar later this year.

Earlier, Gravity Media has been generating the Cash Converters Supercars Eseries and has collaborated with BLAST on the ePremier League. Gravity Media and Gfinity also worked together on the F1 Esports series.

The collaboration with Gravity Media will provide ESL Gaming with access to a large pool of installations as well as knowledge in generating higher sports events in the world. Although the two firms did not reveal specifics about their collaboration, Gravity Media mentioned that it will deliver some expertise, equipment, and specialised human resources to ESL Gaming.

Gravity Media is the latest addition to the long list of 2022 ESL Gaming partners. Along with the production company, ESL has collaborated with Spotify, ASUS, Lenovo Legion, and Nielsen this year.

Tobias Grieser, SVP Production at ESL Gaming, said, “Partnering up with Gravity Media opens many new doors for us to deliver the action from the world’s biggest esports stages to anyone’s home. With their cutting-edge technology and global presence, we can ensure that fans can enjoy our events to the fullest from wherever they are located and that they can do so in the best possible quality.”

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