ENN Sports LLP unveils acquisition of Hyderabad Strikers 

ENN Sports will be co-owners of Hyderabad Strikers along with the Indian actress, Rakul Preet Singh.

The renowned sports-promotion company, ENN Sports LLP has announced the acquisition of the reigning champions of the Tennis Premier League (TPL), Hyderabad Strikers, before the commencement of the fifth edition.

Following this development, the owners of ENN Sports LLP, Nikunj Shah, Navin Dalmia, and Rajdeep Dalmia will be co-owners of the Hyderabad-based franchise, along with the Indian actress, Rakul Preet Singh.

On this new progress, Rakul Preet Singh, Co-owner of Hyderabad Strikers, said, “The TPL is a great place for the talented tennis players in the country to show off their skills and improve their game further while working with the biggest names in the sport. Hyderabad has always been well-known for their contribution to Indian tennis, and with the Hyderabad Strikers, we want to further enhance that reputation.”

Nikunj Shah, while expressing his affection towards this game, stated, “Tennis holds a special place in my heart. I actively participate in and support the sport. We are always looking for opportunities to help athletes grow at the highest levels, and the TPL aims to do exactly that. So, I want to actively contribute to the growth of Tennis in India, which I am certain would be possible through the Hyderabad Strikers.”

Rajdeep Dalmia, Co-owner of ENN Sports LLP, said, “The TPL is a great way to experience the excitement of a live tennis match, especially as the matches are played in a fast-paced environment due to the format. The Hyderabad Strikers is a phenomenal franchise with a storied history in the league. With our expertise from ENN Sports LLP, I am sure we will be able to expand the dedicated fanbase of the Hyderabad Strikers that will spur us on in our title defence in season 5.”

Kunal Thakkur, Co-founder of TPL, stated his remarks, “ENN Sports LLP is an innovative enterprise much like the TPL. Their expertise in sports will allow them to become league leaders in terms of strategy, planning, and promotion. This will surely help the Hyderabad Strikers to continue succeeding on and off the court.”

Mrunal Jain, Co-founder of TPL, said, “The Hyderabad Strikers is the most outstanding franchises in the league, and will surely prosper even more under the guidance of visionaries such as Mr. Nikunj Shah, Mr. Navin Dalmia, and Rajdeep Dalmia.”

ENN Sports LLP is a renowned sports promotion entity that is committed to advancing sports culture in India and all around the world. Sports team management, event planning, and sports marketing are just a few of the many services the business offers.

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