Emma Raducanu lands association with Tiffany

Raducanu received a cash award of $2.5 million after her win in the US Open

British tennis star Emma Raducanu has landed her first major deal after her historic win in the US Open final. Raducanu announced on her official Instagram profile that she has been named as the brand ambassador of the jewellery brand Tiffany and Co. The lucrative associations are set to be coming in for Raducanu who is deemed by analysts to be the most sought after athlete following her victory. CSM’s director of global talent business, Tim Lopez has already stated that Emma Raducanu will become ‘rich very quickly’.

Emma Raducanu received a cash award of $2.5 million after her win in the US Open. However, that money will seem like nothing with so many brands chasing her now. Additionally luxury car company Aston Martin are also on the hunt for her.

From a financial perspective she can’t lose and from a career prospect, in terms of how the future looks, she really is at the tip of the iceberg at this point in terms of her earning potential,” Lopez told Sky News.

If you consider that she has already achieved what no other British female has achieved since Virginia Wade, she has done more than enough to catapult herself into the fame and the mind of the UK and I would argue actually a more global audience.

So the stage is set for her to really capitalise from a financial perspective and playing her cards right she should continue to be successful on the court.”

Raducanu took to Instagram to announce her brand endorsement.“Very excited to join the iconic Tiffany and Co family as a House Ambassador,” wrote Racucanu on Instagram. “Being able to wear these special jewellery pieces over the past few weeks has been an honour!”

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