eFuse announces acquisition of Esports.GG

While financial details of the transaction were not released, it is stated as eFuse's third and largest acquisition to date.

eFuse has officially announced the acquisition of Esports.GG, an international esports media outlet and all its assets.

While financial details of the transaction were not released, it is stated as eFuse’s third and largest acquisition to date.

After witnessing unprecedented demand across its events, community competitions and talent-led broadcasts, the brand understood the need for a dedicated content team to adequately support its growing community of gamers and brand partners.

Despite having a very successful 2021, both entities have been embroiled in numerous disputes this year. eFuse accepted the resignation of its Chief Strategy Officer, Patrick Klein earlier this month, after misconduct accusations and community reaction coming from his involvement at Ohio State University in 2017.

Matthew “MJB” Benson, CEO of eFuse said, “In 2021, eFuse recorded so much growth across our branded eRena tournaments and league business that we acquired Esports.GG to help create a central destination for our jam-packed calendar.

“Esports.GG is going to help accelerate revenue opportunities by introducing original content formats and around-the-clock coverage of our biggest events. We’re set for a record-breaking year and thrilled to welcome their help in reimagining how we work with the market’s top brands.”

While keeping a check on how and when the site covers market news, Esports.GG will build a new content area that will deliver the most up-to-date facts and tune-in information for all eFuse events.

That material will be properly identified, and any eFuse-supported editorial will include the appropriate disclaimers to ensure readers understand the link between the two businesses. eFuse will also relaunch GG’s channels using the market’s authoritative @Esports account. New resources, leadership, and monitoring will be put in place to guarantee that its creator-first standards preserve content integrity across all published pieces.

Lawrence “Malystryx” Phillips, Esports.GG’s Editor-in-Chief said, “To be acquired just a year after starting this project is a testament to the dedicated team we rallied together, and the qualified, insightful and entertaining content they produce for our dedicated daily readers.

“This is still the dawn of Esports.GG but becoming part of the eFuse family will supercharge our growth; allowing us to expand our team, cover more titles, improve our platform, and ultimately build on our early success as a news & analysis outlet.

“Considering all the constraints the gaming media market is under, the additional resources we now manage mean we’re definitely here to stay. It’s an incredibly exciting time to be part of Esports.GG, and the future is looking bright.”

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