Editor’s Pick: Sports Education needs to become a priority for students

With the growing influence of sports across the globe, it is paramount that sports education is a vital part of the curriculum of the education system.

Sports has become an integral part of every human being. It helps in educating students and teaching life lessons that are not inscribed in books. Sports also help in the overall development of a student.

Gone are those days when the life of students revolved around books and academics. With every passing year, the importance of sports in the curriculum gets bigger.  Along with academics, schools are also focusing on extra-curricular activities and sports to complete the overall development of the student.

Benefits of Sports education 

Sports cannot be categorized as a mere recreational activity. Some of the biggest life lessons are learned in the field. Sports help an individual assimilate leadership skills, team-spirit, discipline, patience, perseverance, and the hunger to achieve success.

One of the most important traits that sports teaches is to overcome failures and bounce back stronger than before. Sports education also has a direct impact on the student’s mental and physical health. 

Sports education will help in maximizing career opportunities

Sports is all set to be the next big industry in India as well as around the world. With the inception of so many leagues and tournaments, support from private players and government, sports provide lucrative opportunities to students.

Apart from being athletes, the sports industry also provides a lot of different career opportunities for students. With a formal education in sports, individuals with a keen interest in sports or athletes can take up different career options such as administrators, coaches, and managers.

Unlike any other courses, skilled individuals are also required in the sports industry to work in different domains. Sports Colleges and Universities with sports management courses, physical education, and sports science are the need of the hour considering the surge in the sports business across the globe.

Sports Education can lay down the foundations of a successful human being

With the introduction of leagues for various sports such as cricket, football, hockey, and kabaddi in India, there are more opportunities for students to embark on a successful career. It has also opened newer avenues for livelihood for people across the globe.

Strict implementation of sports education across schools can help in shaping the lives of the young generation in India. It also justifies the statement; a sound mind resides only in a sound body. A healthy and strong body is not possible without sports and physical activities.

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