Dubai Capitals join hands with Interbrand

The team crest was created by Interbrand in recognition of the city's resolute spirit.

GMR Sports roped in Interbrand to unveil its official branding and jerseys for Dubai Capitals for the inaugural season of the DP World International League T20 (ILT20). The franchise unveiled its new jersey and team crest on its social media platforms a few weeks back.

The team crest was created by Interbrand in recognition of the city’s resolute spirit. The Tri-Falcon logo is prominently displayed on the Dubai Capitals’ jersey, which also features a map of the United Arab Emirates that includes the city of Dubai. The centre falcon, ‘Dominate,’ stands for supremacy and authority, the left falcon, ‘Seek,’ for concentration and aspiration, and the right falcon, ‘Soar,’ for the capacity to soar. The two peaks on the shield’s summit symbolise the team’s motto, “To Resolve and Conquer.”

Interbrand used contrasting colours to emphasise the team’s desire for excellence. Red, represents a fierce commitment to the game, and Blue, represents composure and steadiness on the field.

Ajith Gopinathan Nair, Interim CEO, GMR Sports, said, “Red & dark blue has always been sported by the Capitals and therefore it wasn’t going to be any different for the Dubai Capitals. This is a very exciting time for us as the tournament is just a few days away and we wanted to set the ball rolling by unveiling our jersey for the season. Interbrand has done a fantastic job and we are thrilled to see the sleek design of the jersey and we hope that the players are reminded of the team’s principles and the vision through the jerseys they will wear on the field.”

Ashish Mishra, CEO, India and South Asia at Interbrand,
said, “Sports brands by large corporates need to evolve beyond the promoter passion as they can be an invigorating corporate surrogate. This is especially true for sectors where the brand has relatively lower natural public visibility. We had to maintain the strategic sanctity and architect a Capitals franchise brand and attempt a creative solution to drive equity flow back into the parent. The twin peaks of Resolve and Conquer were designed to embellish the crest.”

The tournament that began on January 13 is being held across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. Dubai Capitals are currently fourth on the points table with a win and loss each. The team will next face off against Desert Vipers on Thursday i.e. January 19, 2022.

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