Dolphins strike sponsorship ties with Mitsubishi Electric

As part of the deal, Mitsubishi Electric's logo will be prominently displayed on Dolphins' training ball.

The National Rugby League (NRL) team, Dolphins have announced a sponsorship deal with a Japanese multinational electronics company, Mitsubishi Electric.

As part of the deal, Mitsubishi Electric’s logo will be prominently displayed on Dolphins’ training ball, reinforcing the organization’s endorsement of the community via sport.

The firm is a global Japanese electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing corporation with its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. When it comes to producing top-notch electrical and electronic goods for homes, businesses, and industries, Mitsubishi Electric is a known global leader in the sector.

The brand’s innovative technology is utilised in anything from satellites to smart manufacturing systems to household air conditioning and refrigerators.

Mitsubishi Electric, Executive Director and General Manager, Zane Barron, said, “The addition of the Dolphins as an additional team in Brisbane has been a long-awaited opportunity for us, due to their location within Brisbane’s northern expansion corridor. Our organisation shares a synergy and holds the same values as the Dolphins. We are thrilled to be a part of another sporting organisation with strong values in the community. It is an exciting time for Mitsubishi Electric to enter into a national team sponsorship for the first time with a team from outside New South Wales.

“The Dolphins are having a strong inaugural season, and like us, they are focused on getting the best possible result. We are looking forward to supporting the team towards even bigger success in 2023.”

Dolphins NRL, Chief Executive, Terry Reader, said, “The Dolphins are proud to be part of Mitsubishi Electric’s first major partnership with a rugby league team in Queensland.Part of the reason for the Dolphins to enter the NRL competition was to grow commercial opportunities for the game, and this is a perfect example of our success in this area. Mitsubishi Electric is a worldwide company that realises that wishes to support the community through sport, and we are pleased to join them in this partnership.”

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