Disney+ Hotstar bags streaming rights to air Global Boxing Series

By joining forces with Disney+ Hotstar, the Global Boxing Series will offer fans a seamless streaming experience of all of its matches in 4K HD views.

Disney+ Hotstar, India’s streaming giant, has acquired digital rights to air the Global Boxing Series, which is set to be held in Mumbai on June 1.

Ushering in an exciting new era of professional boxing in India, the Global Boxing Series is an innovative effort that will combine action, entertainment, and broadcasting to establish an unparalleled platform for elite boxing and boxers in India. It is being led by promoter Devraj Das, one of the leaders of professional boxing in India, and Salil Acharya, co-promoter and actor, RJ, and supporter of combat and professional boxing on TV and OTT.

By joining forces with Disney+ Hotstar, the Global Boxing Series will offer fans a seamless streaming experience of all of its matches in 4K HD views, thus guaranteeing the community can witness every punch and knockout with unrivalled precision as it happens on the ground.

The boxing night will feature eight fights between 16 boxers, which includes the first-ever Influencer Marque Showdown, which will pit notable influencers Tayne DeVilliers and Ishant Rawat, also known as Knucklehead Warrior, against one other. The event will also feature notable female boxers, boosting the intensity and diversity of the contest.

Devraj Das, Co-Promoter of Global Boxing Series and Promoter of Marine Pro Boxing, India’s only boxing management and fighter-driven platform, said, “We are thrilled to be on Disney+ Hotstar and embark on this journey which revolutionises professional boxing forever in India. Boxing has always held a special place for me, whether it’s the grassroots participation or the remarkable achievements at global competitions. Yet, too often, our boxers fade into obscurity after their moment of glory, which inspired the creation of the Global Boxing Series aimed at giving a continuation and a platform.

“I wanted to leverage my passion for boxing and years of professional promotion to establish a sustainable ecosystem for the sport’s prosperity in India. With the invaluable support of Salil, our goal is to consistently provide Indian pro boxers with the opportunities and competition they rightly deserve and keep broadcasting.”

Disney+ Hotstar is well-known for supporting mixed martial arts by airing the country’s top competitions. Through this partnership, the platform plans to expand into boxing with the broadcast of the Global Boxing Series, demonstrating its devotion to offering top-tier sports entertainment to Indian fans.

Salil Acharya, Co-Promoter of Global Boxing Series, said, “For any sporting league, having a streaming partner that enhances its visibility and offers an immersive experience is crucial, and we are pleased to have found that partner in Disney+ Hotstar. Their consistent promotion of combat sports aligns perfectly with our vision of taking it to the next level, establishing a premier platform for professional boxing in India. With their unparalleled streaming capabilities and widespread reach, GBS aims to engage millions of fans and bring the thrill of the ring into their homes.

“Influencer fights are a big phenomenon in global boxing under strict supervision and to be able to stage a fight of this stature as part of our first fight will be a firm step for the Pro Boxing world. Our commitment is to deliver a world-class fight experience and solidify professional boxing’s significance in India’s sports landscape.”

According to The Ormax Sports Audience Report: 2024, boxing has an audience of 107 million in India. The Global Boxing Series will feature eight intriguing combats involving 16 elite boxers from various weight categories, including super middleweight, light heavyweight, super welterweight, welterweight, lightweight, featherweight, super bantamweight, and super flyweight.

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