Digit Insurance makes insurance claims a breeze with “That’s It!” campaign featuring Virat Kohli

"That's It!" tackles a common pain point for insurance customers: the perception of a complex and time-consuming claims process.

The leading Indian general insurance provider, Digit Insurance has launched a new campaign, “That’s It!”, designed to simplify the insurance claims process for customers.

The campaign cleverly coincides with the excitement surrounding the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 Super 8s, leveraging the star power of Digit’s brand ambassador, Virat Kohli.

“That’s It!” tackles a common pain point for insurance customers: the perception of a complex and time-consuming claims process. The campaign aims to change this narrative by highlighting Digit’s tech-driven, user-friendly approach.

Tanya Marwah, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications for Digit Insurance, said, “Digit customers most often are delightfully shocked when they experience simplicity and smoothness during our insurance claims submission process. For the campaign, we focused particularly on the aspect of turning doubt to delight that our customers experience with us. Over the years, we have really gone that extra mile to simplify our processes through innovative tech-backed processes. Contrary to the doubt customers have of claims filing being complex, there is very little our customers have to do, and that really delights them, making them go “THAT’S IT?” when they experience our services.”

Virat Kohli, added, “The idea of “That’s it!” for Digit’s ad campaign resonated with me because I think people generally have this perception that filing an insurance claim is going to be a very long and complicated process. However, Digit, using its tech innovation, is changing this perception by making their claims process easy, quick, and pretty smooth; to the extent that it literally makes you go, “THAT’S IT?”

Akshat Gupt, Director, Co-Founder & CCO, commented, “Let’s be honest. Nobody really looks forward to lengthy process of filing insurance claims. But Digit is changing the game, making insurance easy and accessible for everyone. We wanted to capture how unexpectedly delightful dealing with Digit can be—making people say, ‘That’s it!’ We’re thrilled to have worked with the brand team and Kohli to bring this campaign to life.”

Digit Insurance is a leading Indian insurance company focused on making insurance products simple and accessible. The insurance provider offers a variety of general and life insurance plans, including car, bike, health, travel, shop, and home insurance.

This is not Kohli’s first brand endorsement campaign in 2024. He has also been featured in campaigns for HSBC, KEI Wires and CablesAsian Paints, Amaze, Blue Star, and Philips India.

As Kohli features for the Men in Blue in the ongoing T20 World Cup, Digit’s campaign capitalizes on the national cricket fever. With India having qualified for the Super 8s, the stage is set for an exciting clash against Afghanistan on June 20 at 8:00 PM IST.

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