Dhruv Kapila, Ishaan Bhatnagar sign with IOS Sports and Entertainment

Dhruv and Ishaan are both eager to represent India at the Olympics.

IOS Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., one of India’s biggest sports administration companies, has unveiled the signing of Dhruv Kapila and Ishaan Bhatnagar, two highly exceptional badminton players, to their robust talent roster.

Dhruv Kapila snatched the headlines after winning three gold medals at the 2019 South Asian Games in men’s doubles, mixed doubles, and men’s group of players. Ishaan Bhatnagar made headlines when he and his partner Tanisha won gold in the Mixed doubles category at the Syed Modi International 2022 Super 300 Event.

Dhruv and Ishaan are both eager to leave an impression since both hope to one day represent tricolour at the world’s most prestigious sporting event, the Olympics.

“IOS Sports have a wide range of athletes on board with them amongst which a few of them are top level Olympians along with Gold medalist Badminton Paralympians. I am sure they will do their best to help me grow further,” said the 22-year-old player, Dhruv Kapila.

Ishaan, who hopes to continue his winning streak in 2022, expressed his gratitude to IOS Sports, saying, “For me as an aspiring athlete, my primary focus remains on my training and my game. But it’s also important to have a management team who would look after the backend requirements which allows me to put in my 100% in my game. And I am sure that IOS Sports will help me achieve that.”

Mr Rahul Trehan, COO, IOS Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, said, “It is always a delight to see young talents do so well on international stages. Dhruv has already achieved such great victories at such a young age while Ishaan consistently proves himself that hard work pays off. We at IOS sports are excited to help them build as a brand with our guidance and hopefully with the right support both athletes can continue to bring the best version of themselves and win many more titles for our country.”

IOS Sports and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is India’s largest sports and entertainment company, devoted to establishing and nurturing world-class talent, infrastructures, and production. It was founded in early 2005. The company is headquartered in Delhi and has branches in all of India’s main cities. IOS has partnered with entities like the Athletics Federation of India (AFI) and with sportspersons like Karan Sharma, Aaradhya Yadav and Humaira Mushtaq.

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