CURIA announces Yuvraj Singh as brand ambassador

CURIA has surfaced as a one-stop hub in the country for all cancer-related advice and instructions.

An app for cancer patients which aims to empower patients with information to navigate their cancer journey, CURIA has signed the former Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh as the brand ambassador. Singh’s involvement as a cancer survivor and influencer is intended to boost CURIA’s appearance across India, according to an official statement from the company.

Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO, Partex NV, said, “Singh is an icon and an inspiration being a cancer survivor himself. He has personally experienced all the challenges and prevailed over the diseases. Thus, he is an ideal choice to promote the CURIA app in the country. I have witnessed the struggles of cancer patients and their families from close quarters. Despite ample research and documentation of the disease, it is still difficult to quickly find the right and helpful information from the labyrinths of the internet. I decided to leverage advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain for patient information and awareness.”

According to the company, CURIA has surfaced as a one-stop hub in the country for all cancer-related advice and instructions. It is a mobile application created by OncoCoin AG, a fully owned subsidiary of Innoplexus AG based in Switzerland.

Using its patent-protected AI and blockchain technologies, OncoCoin forms trillions of data points from published and unpublished data. To create the most essential insight for a fast decision, the knowledge is customised by variables such as demographic trends, cancer type, stage, and potential mutations.

Speaking on the association, Yuvraj Singh, said, “CURIA empowers cancer patients by offering them quick, and correct information for their treatment, and is also boosting cancer research initiatives. I have been through the entire journey of a cancer patient and the challenges one faces during the different stages. I hope that my support to the app results in helping a lot of cancer patients in the coming times.”

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