Crystal Palace land new collaboration with Kaiyun Sports

Kaiyun Sports will serve as the official sleeve partner of Crystal Palace for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

The Premier League side, Crystal Palace have announced a sponsorship agreement with an Asian betting platform, Kaiyun Sports.

As part of the deal, Kaiyun Sports will serve as the official sleeve partner of the club for the upcoming 2023/24 season.

Kaiyun Sports, Asia’s premier digital sports platform, has developed a unique app that blends sports and entertainment, providing users with a compelling online and offline interactive experience.

The betting company is one of the largest and most popular online sportsbooks in Asia, and it is well-known for its affiliations with top football clubs in England, Spain, and Italy.

The exclusive software combines the sports and entertainment industries, sourcing games from more than 30 different sports around the world.

Barry Webber, Chief Commercial Officer at Crystal Palace FC, said, “As Asia’s largest digital sports platform, Kaiyun has a strong and consistent reputation for delivering sports and entertainment options for users. We are looking forward to working together with Kaiyun Sports to create a safe and enjoyable experience for fans.”

Brian Howard, Chief Marketing Officer, Kaiyun Sports, said, “The collaboration with Crystal Palace Football Club is an important milestone for us to step onto the global stage. Crystal Palace Football Club has a rich history and a growing worldwide supporter base. We believe that this partnership will bring great complementary benefits for both sides. We will continue to innovate, bringing more diverse and exciting sports entertainment experiences to sports enthusiasts around the globe.”

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