Cricket South Africa releases a brand new community app for fans

Cricket South Africa (CSA) has released a new digital community application for fans to enhance its digital footprint and provide the ultimate fan experience. This app is a part of CSA’s overall growth strategy, which is focused on reaching out to new and existing fans.

Along with featuring exclusive content from all elements of the game in South Africa, including franchise cricket, the application allows fans to connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Like any other social media platform, users can post, comment, share, like, and follow each other on this app. The platform also allows fans to interact with the players and the league influencers, participate in one-on-one and group chats, get access to behind-the-scenes footage, follow ball-by-ball commentary during matches, and view tournament standings. Some additional features will be added soon.

This innovative project is a strategic collaboration between CSA and Interacting Technology Sport Ltd, an Israeli-based sports community platform provider with expertise in fan engagement.

Announcing the release of this innovative app, CSA’s Acting Chief Executive Officer Pholetsi Moseki said, “Cricket South Africa is excited about the prospects that the community app will bring to fans. By providing a cutting-edge app with a host of features, we hope to inspire the next generation of cricket enthusiasts to follow and support the game of cricket in South Africa.”

“We are very proud of this partnership with Cricket South Africa. Together, we are committed to providing fans with an engaging platform that enables them to connect to all areas of the game remotely,” said Liav Eliash, CEO of Interacting Technology Sport.

The app, which is now available for IOS and Android devices via the App Store and Google Play, has been launched now because CSA believes that it can unite the fans during the ongoing pandemic where fans would want to get closer to their favorite teams in absence of regular matches.

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