Champions League: UEFA to hold talks with UK government regarding final

UEFA is set to hold showdown talks with the United Kingdom government on Monday to find a solution for the Champions League final. As per previous plans, Istanbul had the rights to host the final of Champions League 2020/21. UEFA also had plans to bring fans to the stadium to yet another all English final as Manchester City is set to play against Chelsea.

The situation changed drastically at the end of last week as the UK government decided to put Turkey on the red list due to a spike in covid cases. This decision from the UK government meant that Chelsea and Man City fans and journalists cannot travel to Istanbul for the final. In the wake of this decision, UEFA is going to hold taAll Newslks with the government to find a solution.

It has been widely reported in British media that the final could be moved to the United Kingdom since it will allow fans to the stadium of both English clubs. Premier League Aston Villa had reportedly offered Villa Park to host the final. Meanwhile, few reports insist that Wembley Stadium could end up hosting the final between Chelsea and Manchester City.

Wembley has previously hosted the Champions League in 2011 when Barcelona had defeated Manchester United. At the end of April, Wembley had welcomed fans during the Carabao Cup final between Man City and Tottenham Hotspurs. Since the covid situation is improving in the UK, the CL final in the country would welcome fans from both clubs. Moreover, the final will have a much better atmosphere if it is moved to the UK.

Previously, UEFA had also moved few games of Euros 2020 to the United Kingdom due to problems at other venues. The likely conclusion of talks on Monday could see an all-English Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City on home turf. The final between the two English clubs is set to take place on May 29.

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