Burnley FC announce strategic partnerships for US tour

FC Burnley have partnered with Miller Lite and Visit Detroit for the first trip to the States since 2009.

The English Football League (EFL) Championship team, Burnley FC are gearing up for their first trip to the United States since 2009, and the club has secured key partnerships to amplify its presence across the pond.

In a strategic move, the Clarets have partnered with Miller Lite, the American light lager brand. This exclusive partnership has designated Miller Lite as an official club partner for The Soccer Tournament (TST) held in Cary, North Carolina. Fans attending the TST will see Miller Lite branding prominently on the back of Burnley’s shirts.

Beyond the on-field action, the team from Lancashire announced a long-term partnership with Visit Detroit, solidifying the organization as its official US destination partner. This collaboration promises a multitude of benefits for both parties.  

Visit Detroit will gain prominent brand exposure through front-of-shirt sponsorship during TST. This strategic placement allows them to tap into a large audience of American football fans, fostering interest in Detroit as a potential travel destination.

Additionally, the partnership establishes Visit Detroit as Burnley’s exclusive travel wear partner, hinting at the possibility of a co-branded clothing line – a unique way for fans to showcase their Claret pride on the go.

Marcus Mellor, Head of Commercial at Burnley FC, said, “We are delighted to begin this new journey with Visit Detroit in this remarkable partnership. Football transcends geographical boundaries, and I’m pleased that through this collaboration we can strengthen our ties with US communities and fly the Clarets flag stateside as we celebrate the passion for the beautiful game.”

Claude Molinari, President, and CEO of Visit Detroit, said, “Just as music wouldn’t be music and cars wouldn’t be cars without Detroit, football wouldn’t be football without Burnley FC. For more than 140 years, Burnley FC has been marching forever forward, and Visit Detroit is excited to join their campaign for promotion and ascendancy in English and global football. Together, we will showcase the passion of our communities, forging a powerful connection between Detroit and the beautiful game.”

The partnership draws a compelling connection between Burnley, a historical centre for the textile industry, and Detroit, the famed “Motor City,” highlighting a shared industrial heritage that serves as a strong foundation for this budding transatlantic alliance.

The multi-year nature of both partnerships underscores a long-term commitment from the club and its collaborators. This extended collaboration promises to cultivate exciting opportunities for the Clarets and their American fanbase in the years to come.

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