Bundesliga 5G app to deliver fans instant replays in the stands

Fans can see five different angles and this will help them analyse match themselves.

The atmosphere in the stadium will now get even more exciting at the Bundesliga as Sky sports and Vodafone have successfully tested the 5G network in Germany. This means, now fans will be able to see real-time camera angles and replays of live matches from straight inside Bundesliga stadiums.

The development came from the ‘5G Multiview’ app, through which, subscribers of Sky Sports can now enjoy this facility from inside the stadium. This feature was brought in during last weekend’s match between RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund. Due to this enhancing upgrade, fans can see five different angles and this will help them analyse match themselves.

With the quality of matches and graphics that fans get on the television, it is no debate that fans would want to stay at home and enjoy matches from their couches. A technology like this was the need of an hour.

Though it is still possible to watch matches live on cell phones from stadiums, the technologies which were running currently needed an upgrade. With the 5G tested in the nation, it is now possible for thousands of fans together to watch a high-quality video at the same time using 5G connectivity powered by high-band 26GHz frequencies that offer superfast speeds, huge capacity and ultra-low latency. With a speed of 2.6 gigabits per second (Gbps) and latency of fewer than ten milliseconds, only Vodafone is the operator to offer this in Germany.

Bundesliga has signed Vodafone long back, thus this association will only increase and the feature is already available in the stadiums. With the facility that Sky is providing, it ensures that no action on the field will be missed and still can watch replays on their phones.

Vodafone Germany chief executive Hannes Ametsreiter said, “We marry emotions in the stadium with information from the digital world.”

“Our [26GHz] 5G and on-site data processing [capabilities] in the stadium bring camera perspectives that stadium visitors would otherwise only see on TV in the evening, directly on their smartphones. Lovers of detail in the stands can see the game-defining scenes from every angle and never miss a goal.”

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