Britannia unveils new comical campaign featuring Ravi Shastri

The advertising campaign by Britannia 50-50 brings back Ravi Shastri in his fortuitous avatar to demonstrate the goodness of this cracker.

Britannia has announced a new advertising campaign for its ’50-50 Golmaal’ product range starring Ravi Shastri, the former Indian cricketer.

The advertisement, developed by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, brings back the former head coach of the Indian men’s cricket team, in his fortuitous avatar to demonstrate the goodness of this cracker.

The campaign consists of five movies, each of which shows inventive methods to flip the match in your favour. In every clip, a distressed player seeks advice from Ravi Shastri, the coach. In response, Shastri transmits the ultimate plan of “Golmaal,” which results in a series of extraordinarily fortuitous circumstances for his team.

The unusual cracker category is rapidly expanding, exceeding regular biscuits, as customers adopt innovative variations that appeal to a wide range of taste preferences. Britannia 50-50 Golmaal is completely in line with changing customer expectations. Its peculiar Kalonji (black cumin) flavour distinguishes it from competitors.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer at Britannia Industries, said, “The iconic Britannia 50-50 crackers are known for their unique medley of sweet & salty flavours. This lite-bite range of crackers, be it the Classic Sweet and Salty or Maska Chaska offer a distinct experience to the consumers. The new 50-50 Golmaal cracker takes this proposition to an all new level with the addition of the indigenous spice, ‘kalonji’ (black cumin). The TVCs capture the essence of ‘Golmaal’ in a witty & humorous tone.

“The 50-50 Golmaal, launched only last year, became hugely popular in the Eastern market, the brand now aims to strengthen its position nationwide.’’

Prateek Bharadwaj, Chief Creative Officer (India) at Lowe Lintas, said, “The only way to describe this campaign is that it’s totally Golmaal. While Ravi Shastri and his quirky team establish the brand promise with these films, we expect audiences to make their own Golmaal appeals and give this campaign a life that is beyond TV.”

Ravi Shastri said, “Collaborating with Britannia 50-50 once again was quite exciting and enjoyable. To weave my coaching experience with this witty campaign for 50-50 Golmaal was a blast! With an entertaining twist, just like the twist of flavours in the cracker, I hope the audiences enjoy it as much as I do.”

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