Bondtite Bonds launches new TVC featuring Lucknow Super Giants players

This new ad campaign features KL Rahul, Deepak Hooda, and Nicholas Pooran.

The Indian adhesive brand, Bondtite Bonds (Astral Adhesives) has launched a new TV commercial featuring the players of the Indian Premier League (IPL) team, Lucknow Super Giants (LSG). 

This new ad campaign features KL Rahul, Deepak Hooda, and Nicholas Pooran. The brand-new campaign is set in a traditional nawabi Lucknowi mushaira style in which the players are reciting their heart-breaking poems, and then start to groove their legs in with two pieces of broken heart, which is half made of marble and half of granite, and singing together, “Arey dil patthar ya granite sab ko jodey ekdum tight, sab ko jodey ekdum right.”

The advertisement showcases the brand’s ability to join and stick together various materials with complete efficacy and application with their tagline and brand purpose #EkdumTightEkdumRightBondtite.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Saumya Engineer, Vice President of Astral Limited, said, “As a national brand, we understand how cricket brings the nation together. Bondtite’s partnership with Lucknow Super Giants for the IPL 2023 season is a seamless blend, as both Bondtite and cricket are powerful unifiers. Our brand has always been synonymous with strength, quality, and trust, and this partnership allows us to strengthen our relationship with consumers while boosting our brand visibility.”

Colonel Vinod Bisht, CEO, RPSG Sports, said, “We’re very excited to work with Bondtite, one of India’s premium adhesive manufacturers. As one of the newer teams of the IPL with a rich legacy in sports, our goal is to work with top brands with proven success in sports partnerships and Bondtite is a true testament to that. We welcome Bondtite onboard as we look to add value to customers and fans alike.”

Bondtite Bonds (Astral Adhesive) is a high-strength two-component, transparent epoxy adhesive that can be used as an adhesive for a wide range of materials. 

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