Boca Juniors in talks with crypto companies to issue tokens

The pandemic has hit the Argentine club hard and it's trying to recover.

The popular Argentine football club Boca Juniors (most popularly known as the club where Diego Maradona started out professionally), is currently in talks with four cryptocurrency companies to start issuing tokens. There hasn’t been any official statement yet, but anonymous sources have revealed that talks have been held by Boca Juniors’ top officials.

The pandemic has hit the Argentine club hard and it’s trying to recover. With fans not being able to attend the matches, revenue has decreased. This has led to players looking for contracts outside of Argentina and leaving the club.

Boca Juniors have held talks with the top sports fan tokens issuing organization The fan tokens creating organization is a very popular name in NFT and currently is in charge of selling tokens for some big clubs like Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona. According to reports, Boca Juniors could well earn over $10 million if they start a deal with

There is another blockchain-enabled company called Decentral Games, which is focused on gaming and wants to create a virtual reality stadium for the Boca Juniors. Decentral Games will be holding a meeting with the club’s Vice President Juan Roman Riquelme on Thursday.

Furthermore, there are two other companies as well, who are very well interested in issuing tokens for Boca Juniors. One of them is even considering becoming a sponsor of the club and wants its logo on the Boca Juniors jersey.

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