Bishan Singh Bedi threatening to take legal action against DDCA

Former India skipper Bishan Singh Bedi has been critical about Delhi and District Cricket Association’s (DDCA) decision to install a statue of late Arun Jaitley at the Arun Jaitley Stadium. The veteran cricketer is now ready to take legal action against DDCA.

Earlier this week, the cricketer wrote a letter to the board, urging them to revoke his lifetime membership and remove his name from the Bishan Singh Bedi Stand of the stadium. A stand at the Arun Jaitley Stadium was named after Bishan Singh Bedi in 2017 to honour his contribution to Indian and Delhi cricket.

A few days later, after getting no reply from the DDCA, on December 26, Bedi has written another letter to the cricket association and threatened DDCA to take legal proceedings, if they don’t his name from the stand. Bedi had addressed the letter to current DDCA President, Rohan Jaitley. He said, “It’s been a few days since I wrote to you … While within minutes of my letter going public I had the overwhelming support of the cricket fraternity across the globe. But I’m sad there’s been no reaction from you.”

Arun Jaitley was the DDCA president for 14 years from 1999 to 2013. Bedi and Jaitley were often at loggerheads during Jaitley’s tenure as DDCA president. The cricketer always had alleged the politician regarding corruption and misappropriation of funds during his tenure at the helm of DDCA.

In an interview to the Indian Express, the current President of DDCA has commented on the issue and said, “That is something which (Bedi is doing) according to his will. I can’t stop something (him). Right now, there is a proposal in the pipeline (for the statue) that other board members have taken. And whenever there is an appropriate announcement to be made, we will make it. I have not been a signatory to the resolution of this nature because it is a conflict also.”

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