Bihar Cricket Association plans to host T-20 League

The Bihar Cricket Association recently came under fire when it hosted an unauthorized T20 league without paying heed to the Board’s warning. Now as per reports the BCA is ready to host a premier league.

The BCA has two groups within their Apex Council. One group is headed by BCA president Rakesh Tiwary and the other group is headed by BCA secretary Sanjay Kumar. Now the faction, led by its secretary, has announced dates for the Bihar Premier League (BPL), starting from June 12 in Patna

While the BCA is looking forward to hosting a franchise-based tournament, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has said that it will only allow a non-franchise tournament without private individuals as owners.

Last month, President Tiwary’s faction had hosted the BCL despite BCCI emailing them to stop their league after the tournament began. After that warning, Sanjay Kumar has first sought to ask for permission rather than going ahead with the plan like last month. He is waiting for a green signal for the BPL.

“We have written to BCCI to grant permission to hold BPL. It will be hosted by BCA and will be a franchise-based T20 league. If everything goes well, we will have a franchise auction and then a player auction in May,” BCA secretary Kumar told The Indian Express.

According to Kumar, the Committee of Administrators (COA) nominated by the Supreme Court, had asked for Consent to host its T20 league. He claims that the COA in turn had notified them about guidelines set by the Indian board, which stated that only local players could take part in the league.

The BCCI had earlier sought legal opinion on the BCA going ahead with the Bihar Cricket League and demanded a compliance certificate to check if all norms set by Lodha Committee’s recommendation had been followed.

However, the BCCI is likely to suspend the state unit if it goes ahead with the franchise-based model. A board official has said that the BCCI will be replying to the email. He elaborated that as long as BCA is hosting a cricket tournament without a franchise model, the BCCI has no problem but if not, the BCCI will not be granting permission and will be suspending the BCA if they undermine the board again.

Matters at the BCA have turned ugly with President Tiwary and Secretary Kumar calling each other out.

BCA president Tiwary, who hosted the BCL, said the new proposed tournament of the rival faction had nothing to with BCA and no player of the BCA can take part in it. He further added that Sanjay Kumar had been expelled and hence cannot be hosting any sort of tournaments under the banner of the BCA.

On the other hand, Kumar has said that Tiwary is no longer president of the BCA. He stated that none of the office-bearers were with Tiwary during BCL and that they don’t consider him their president. They will be waiting on approval from BCCI.

A few months ago, BCA president Tiwary had expelled its secretary Kumar in their Apex Council meeting. However, soon, Kumar with the support of its district members removed Tiwary as its president. The matter is in court and BCCI has informed BCA that until the court gives a verdict, the BCA president and secretary will continue in their respective posts.

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