BFI scores major partnership with Vector X to elevate Indian basketball

Vector X has become the official ball, apparel, bags, and footwear partner of the BFI.

The Basketball Federation of India (BFI), the governing body for basketball in India, has announced a significant four-year partnership with the leading sporting goods manufacturer, Vector X.

Vector X has become the official ball, apparel, bags, and footwear partner of the BFI. This partnership has ensured athletes have access to high-performance equipment and game apparel during training and competitions. Fans will also benefit from a wider selection of official BFI-branded merchandise, allowing them to showcase their support.

Mr Vikas Gupta, MD Soccer International Pvt Ltd, the parent company behind the ‘Vector X’ brand, said, “This deal underscores Vector X’s strategic offer and commitment to support grassroots basketball.”

Mr Baljinder Pal Singh, Head of Brand Marketing, Soccer International Pvt Ltd, said, “Basketball is an undersold category in India with potential to grow. We hope to be a collaborator with BFI and support its efforts in developing and growing the game, by being a ‘backend support system’ to develop all kinds of products.”

The undisclosed financial terms reflect the growing popularity of basketball in India and the BFI’s dedication to fostering the sport’s development at all levels. Notably, the partnership is estimated to be worth over INR 4 Cr annually, including a kit bag distribution (co-sponsored by BFI) for 4,000 players. Each kit bag will be equipped with a ball, shoes, jerseys, lowers, and a polo t-shirt.

The BFI-Vector X partnership marks a promising development for Indian basketball. This collaboration aims to fuel the sport’s growth by providing athletes with the necessary resources and fans with exciting opportunities to engage with the game they love.

Launched in 1999 by Soccer International Pvt Ltd, a well-respected manufacturer known for its high-quality products and global reach, Vector X is a leading sports equipment brand in India. Backed by Soccer International’s experience and dedication, Vector aims to make high-quality sporting equipment accessible across India and ignite the country’s sporting spirit.

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