BCCI to earn Rs 5,000 to 7,000 crore from the inclusion of two new IPL teams

The BCCI has also fixed the reserve price for each team at Rs 2000 crore.

The upcoming season of the IPL is surely going to be an even more mouth-watering prospect for the BCCI, than the previous seasons. Given the additional revenues that the cricket governing body is going to rope in from the inclusion of the two new franchises, the league is going to even extend its financial supremacy as one of the heaviest money laden tournaments in the world.

According to the estimates, the BCCI is going to make a net additional profit of Rs 5,000 to 7,000 crore. With the broadcasting and media rights that would be there for the taking in 2023, the financial value of the tournament would be almost double as of now, if the reports are to be believed.

Apart from the above mentioned staggering facts, the BCCI has also fixed the reserve price for each team at Rs 2000 crore, with the minimum net worth of the bidding parties fixed at Rs 3000 crore. The broadcasting and digital rights of each franchise are also going to increase from around Rs 201 to a humongous 326 crore, with an estimated rise of 60 per cent annually.

Also, there are some big shot bidding parties in this year’s extravagant IPL auction. With the Glazer family to the Adanis and RP Sanjiv Goenka Group in the race, it would be interesting to see that who would have the final laugh.

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