BCCI invites bids for the digital properties of the board and IPL

BCCI has invited bids for its digital properties as well as those of the IPL through a tender process. The winners of this bid would provide services in relation to the design, hosting, and maintenance of the digital properties of the board and IPL.

The Indian cricketing board has issued Request for Proposals (RFP) for the BCCI’s website ( and BCCI mobile applications for the board’s international and domestic matches. The second RFP is for the IPL website ( and IPL mobile applications for league matches. Interested parties can purchase either or both  RFPs before March 31, 2021.

In an official statement, the BCCI mentioned that those who are interested can email to get further details. The email requesting for BCCI Digital Properties RFP should have the subject line ‘RFP for Digital Properties for BCCI’ and the email requesting for IPL Digital Properties should have the subject line ‘RFP for Digital Properties for IPL. In case the bidders want to purchase both the RFPs, they should use ‘RFP for Digital Properties for BCCI and IPL.’

The detailed services, terms, and conditions governing the submission and evaluation of bids such as eligibility requirements and performance obligations are in the RFPs. The receipt payment for each RFP is worth Rs 1,00,000. It should be noted that merely buying the RFPs does not entitle the purchaser to bid. To be eligible for bidding, the interested party must buy the RFPs in the name of the person or entity desiring to bid. The BCCI also reserves the right to cancel or amend the bidding process at any stage without providing any reason.

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