Atletico Madrid and Chiliz unveil innovative “Fan Token Experience” for deeper fan connection

This expansion has the potential to extend functionality across various sports and team apps, creating a whole new chapter for Fan Token usage in the sports world.

The LALIGA club, Atlético de Madrid and Chiliz, the leader in blockchain technology for sports engagement, have taken their partnership to the next level, significantly enhancing the accessibility and benefits of the $ATM Fan Token.

This innovative move marks a significant milestone for fan engagement in the digital age.

The groundbreaking aspect lies in integrating fan tokens directly within Atletico Madrid’s official app. Fans can now leverage their $ATM tokens directly in their familiar app environment, streamlining engagement and fostering a deeper connection with the club. This eliminates the need to switch between platforms, making participation smoother and more enticing.

Furthermore, this collaboration unlocks a wider range of benefits and rewards for fan token holders. Not only does it incentivise active participation, but it also paves the way for broader fan token utility beyond the platform. This expansion has the potential to extend functionality across various sports and team apps, creating a whole new chapter for fan token usage in the sports world.

This milestone comes five years after Colchoneros became the first Spanish club to launch a fan token. The innovative “Fan Token Experience” seamlessly integrates features within the Atletico platform, offering exciting new features specifically designed for the club’s passionate fanbase.

Fans can participate in daily fan polls and trivia quizzes, earning points redeemable for exclusive rewards and experiences directly tied to the club. This fosters a more interactive experience, allowing fans to feel a deeper connection to the team and its decision-making processes.

Alejandro Ugarrio, Director of Atleti Lab, said, “We want to continue improving the experience of our fans worldwide and this new integration with is perfectly aligned with our strategy. We are very excited because, through our app, fans will now be able to access a very attractive proposition full of different types of benefits for them.”

Alexandre Dreyfus, Founder and Chief Executive of Chiliz and, added, “This is a significant step in the adoption of fan tokens and digital assets by tier-one sports teams. By becoming the first club to integrate their fan tokens into its own native channels, Atletico are leading the way in delivering digital benefits to their fans while inaugurating a new stage in the fan token journey – one in which the utility will expand far beyond the app.”

By integrating fan tokens into Indios’s digital ecosystem, Chiliz and the club are pioneering a new frontier in web3 adoption. This expansion signifies the highly anticipated next stage in fan engagement, powered by blockchain technology. LiveLike, a Chiliz partner specialising in gamified experiences, facilitates this seamless integration.

Recently, the LALIGA club has also developed a partnership with the global leader in e-commerce, ComAve to enhance the fan experience.

Chiliz is a blockchain platform designed for sports and entertainment. The platform is known for creating fan tokens, digital assets that allow fans to participate in polls and influence decisions made by their favourite sports teams and organisations. Chiliz powers, a platform where these fan tokens are traded and used.

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