Amul publishes a satirical ad on Deepti Sharma’s ‘Mankading’ incident

In maintaining Amul's penchant for puns, the tagline reads: "In-creasing every snack's taste! Run out and buy."

An Indian dairy firm, Amul, which is famous for satirical advertisements on social media, has conveyed yet another trending advertisement, this time mentioning the newest cricket debate.

Deepti Sharma was the target of English fans’ ire after the Indian women’s team defeated England at Lords on Saturday. While running out England’s Charlie Dean at the non-end, Sharma was accused of ‘Mankading.’ While what Sharma did was within the rules of the game, it ignited a debate.

Amul chose a humourous topical ad to grasp this unforgettable moment. In maintaining Amul’s penchant for puns, the tagline reads: “In-creasing every snack’s taste! Run out and buy.”

Mankading is a contentious cricket practice in which the bowler can dismiss the batter at the non-end striker’s end if the batsman moves out of the crease too early. The bowler can accomplish this without releasing the ball and knocking the bails at the non-striker’s end.

The technique was named after Indian cricketer Vinoo Mankad, who used it to get the Australian batsman Bill Brown out in 1947. Brown, like Dean, had moved out too far away from the crease.

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