AFL teams up with Reddit to create sports avatars

During the 2022 AFL men's season, every team's fans will be able to purchase the AFL-themed Avatar apparel on Reddit.

The Australian Football League (AFL) and Reddit have collaborated to release a limited series of AFL-themed Avatar apparel on Reddit.

During the 2022 AFL men’s season, every team’s fans will be able to purchase AFL-themed Avatar apparel on Reddit. Fans may customise their Avatar, which appears on their Reddit profile, with club clothing to proudly express their football colours and team.

The AFL is the first sports league in the world that has collaborated with Reddit on an Avatar series. Reddit has previously collaborated with the gaming firms Riot and Bungie to create Avatar attire.

Kylie Rogers, AFL Executive General Manager of Customer & Commercial, said, “The AFL community on Reddit is one of the most active and vibrant online homes for footy fans, so we’re excited to collaborate on a sporting world first that allows fans to represent their club proudly.

“Our primary focus is to build an emotional connection between our fans and the game and partnering with Reddit allows us to do this in a totally new way with some of our most passionate fans.”

Redditors can design their own profile Avatar using Reddit’s Avatar creator, replete with hair, coats, event-themed apparel, and even the jerseys of their favourite AFL club.

The r/AFL subreddit (or community) on Reddit in Australia is one of the fastest-growing and most popular, gaining 11.4 per cent in the first two weeks of May alone. It is also Australia’s seventh most popular subreddit, with over 190,000 active football enthusiasts on the internet. Australia has the fourth-largest Reddit user base, which is expanding at a rate of 40% year on year.

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