AFA signs the dotted lines with Mashreq Bank

Mashreq Bank has become the first regional sponsor of the Argentina soccer team in the Middle East and Egypt.

The football governing body of Argentina, the Argentine Football Association (AFA) has signed the dotted lines with one of the best digital banks in the middle-east, Mashreq Bank.

In this development, the Dubai-based bank has become the first regional sponsor of the Argentina soccer team in the Middle East and Egypt.

The two parties involved have inked a regional partnership agreement until the end of 2023, which enables Mashreq to become the first and exclusive regional bank sponsor of the team.

In addition, Mashreq and the Argentine national team will collaborate to launch joint campaigns, which will include the team’s players. With the popularity of the Argentine national team in the region, this arrangement has brought two profound entities together to commemorate the sport.

Claudio Tapia, President of AFA, highlighted “We are delighted to have Mashreq, one of the oldest financial institutions in the region, as the first regional sponsor of the Argentine Football Association during such a vital period for world football. A true milestone has been achieved for AFA’s international expansion, opening up new opportunities with a prominent bank like Mashreq. This agreement allows our Association to consolidate its position of world leadership in the football environment. We welcome Mashreq as the first sponsoring bank in the Middle East and Egypt territory.”

Ahmed Abdelaal, CEO of Mashreq Group, said, “Partnering with the Argentine Football Association during the 2022 FIFA World Cup provides us with a historic opportunity to act as passionate champions of the ‘beautiful game’, and especially with the World Cup. being held here in the Arab world for the first time. Soccer is one of the most important and exciting sports in our region, one that inspires people of all generations and backgrounds, and brings people together in a way that only soccer can. Now, as we partner with one of the most successful and important teams in soccer history, Mashreq has the ability to deliver a truly memorable experience to our clients through inspirational campaigns that will encourage them to Rise Every Day to Inspire and Perform. their dreams”.

Leandro Petersen, Commercial and Marketing Director of AFA, said, “This regional sponsorship with Banco Mashreq is a reflection of the hard work of the Argentine Football Association in the global expansion of the AFA brand to new markets such as China, the Middle East and Egypt. We are pleased that Mashreq Bank has been chosen as our sponsor during the World Cup period and until the end of 2023. AFA and Mashreq will jointly develop commercial and marketing campaigns that increase the synergy and power of our brands in the markets of Middle East and Egypt. With this agreement with Mashreq we are entering a significant new market with a leading brand.”

On the field, Argentina are through to the semi-finals after beating the Netherlands earlier today. Argentina will be facing Croatia in the semi-finals on Wednesday, December 14.

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