Adidas throws some light on gender equality in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final

In light of the fact that only 14% of Gen Z Men's World Cup enthusiasts follow the Women's World Cup.

The German sportswear giant, Adidas expressed an opinion on the significance of gender equality in football in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 final, uncovering a tailored Al Hilm half ball which showcased the slogan ‘the game has two halves’ – during the commencement of the prestigious event.

In light of the fact that only 14% of Gen Z Men’s World Cup enthusiasts also follow the Women’s World Cup, Adidas used the final to highlight the ambition, skill, and heartbreak that awaited enthusiasts in the half of football that continues to rise tremendously in viewing numbers and involvement each season.

With every football enthusiast focused on the FIFA 2022 World Cup final, the half ball – positioned on the plinth by the Saudi Arabian football player and Adidas ambassador Farah Jefry – managed to draw the focus of the entire world to the significance of ensuring gender equity and establishing reasonable opportunity and access in both halves of the international football story, as we look forward to the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 in Australia and New Zealand.

Farah Jefry, who placed the half-ball on the plinth, said, “The Adidas half-ball carries such an important message and is something that deeply resonates with a personal ambition to one day represent my country in our first-ever World Cup. There is so much talent in both halves of the game – and if you’re only watching the men’s tournament, you’re missing out on so much brilliant football. It was an honour to be able to place it on the plinth at the final with the eyes of the world watching.”

This is followed by the announcement that 1% of net revenue of the official match balls from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Al Hilm, and Al Rihla, will be attributed towards Common Goal’s ‘Global Goal 5 Accelerator’. This promise will allow for the expansion of the programme’s foundation of female participation, depiction and leadership at the grassroots level, all over Latin America, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Europe.

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