ACKO unveils new ad campaign featuring Ravichandran Ashwin

The film crushes the cliche of purchasing insurance from distributors and encourages to purchase insurance from the insurer.

The Indian general insurance company, ACKO, has unveiled its latest advertisement featuring Indian off-spinner, Ravichandran Ashwin. The campaign is mainly for the Chennai market, with the value proposition ‘Welcome Change.’

When purchasing a car, the insurance premiums can be exorbitant. Customers, however, hardly ever give importance to insurance because it is grouped with other costs and charges. This is because individuals are more concerned with the new car than the insurance. Unsurprisingly, this is where they are losing out on significant savings. This is what ACKO hoped to emphasise with this campaign.

The campaign showcases an intriguing storyline that compares the past to the present and proceeds between periods to educate the viewers on the importance of adapting to changing times.

The commercial brings to life ACKO’s newest strategic plan, ‘Welcome Change,’ which shifts the needle away from conventional ways of purchasing insurance and toward a fresh angle of choosing insurance straightforwardly from the insurer in an extremely hassle-free and effective way, with the bonus of saving up to INR 45000 on premiums.

The advertisement begins with a close-up of a cheque leaf displaying the insurance premium to be paid by the client (Ashwin’s friend). Looking at the price, Ashwin asks the car salesman if he can narrate a story. The salesman, perplexed, agrees.

Ashwin transports him to the mediaeval era, where a king is purchasing a chariot. His minister (Ashwin) gives the chariot a thumbs up and after receiving gold coins, the vendor begins to depart. Soon he halts again and asks the king to also purchase chariot insurance. Without question, the king provides an additional bag of gold to the seller for the insurance contract and walks away, leaving the minister speechless.

The scene then shifts to the present day, where Ashwin discusses that his friend is repeating the king’s error. He is also traditionally buying insurance, without proper research. Ashwin introduces the ACKO app to his friend and informs him that he can buy insurance instantly from the ACKO app with no commission and save up to INR 45000.

The film crushes the cliche of purchasing insurance from distributors and encourages the viewers to purchase insurance straightforwardly from the insurer rather than the car dealer. It depicts ACKO as a cutting-edge insurance company that provides a smooth experience to customers while inspiring them to purchase directly from ACKO.

Ashish Mishra, Executive Vice President-Marketing ACKO, said, “Chennai is one of the fastest growing markets for ACKO. Our proposition of digital insurance which cuts the paperwork reduces premiums and is easy to use has resonated with the people of Chennai. With the new campaign, we wanted to encourage customers to choose their own insurance provider and not have to take the insurance provided by the dealership. This is a fundamental right provided to each customer by IRDAI.” 

Vishnu Srivatsav, National Creative Director, 22ft Tribal Worldwide, DDB Mudra Group, said, “Tamil Nadu as a market typically comes with its own set of realities, cultural codes, and even tone and manner. ACKO has adopted a hyperlocal strategy for the market. So instead of adapting any work done elsewhere, we created a ground-up approach for Tamil Nadu.

“We built on local nuances, local talent, and not to mention, the unique Tamil sarcasm. We had great fun exploring R. Ashwin’s acting range and hopefully, people will see that he had fun too. A big thanks to our director Krishnakumar who gave texture and life to our concept.”  

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