Abu Dhabi T10 announces partnership with SmartCricket

The sports technology company is also the world’s first smart wearable company for cricket.

The Abu Dhabi T10 league has partnered up with the SmartCricket Sports Technology company for enhancing the live telecast of the world’s only ICC-approved T10 league. Following this partnership, SmartCricket Sports Technology has made watching the batting of the payers more interesting and exciting as they provide the viewers with different statistics.

While the list includes, the bat speed, back lift angle, shot efficiency of the cricket stars like Moeen Ali, Andre Russell, David Weise, and many others, which are displayed as the matches are live broadcasted for the audiences.

The sports technology company is also the world’s first smart wearable company for cricket. While it has brought a next-generation contactless motion capture technology to the real game arena. Apart from these, Smart Broadcast Solution is being used in an entire league for the first time. This not only captures shot efficiency, bat speed, etc, but it also follows the entire bat arc from start to finish in a 3D avatar.

Speaking on the occasion, Atul Srivastava, Founder of Smart Cricket, said: “Motion sensing is bound to be an integral part of all sports and we at SmartCricket have taken the first step in this direction with Cricket with plans to progress into other sports as well. IoT in sports is a potentially trillion-dollar sunrise industry and we are proud to have pioneered this revolution and put it on live broadcast. The players are using BatSense, our revolutionary bat sensor that measures 13 different parameters for every shot, so you can know the bat speed, back lift, shot efficiency, power used and many other metrics for every shot that a player hits or misses!”

Adding to it, Shaji ul Mulk, Chairman, Abu Dhabi T10 League, said: “The T10 is a proven format and the tournament this year is even more special as it coincides with the 50th UAE National Day, The UAE and Abu Dhabi have always been at the cutting edge of technology and now we have merged it with cricket as well, partnering with gives a new facet to viewing and making live Cricket even more exciting. Abu Dhabi T10 is proud to usher in this revolution in live broadcast for the first time in the history of cricket.

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